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intimacy centre

Location: Bristol

Type: Academic Project - 2020

This final project focuses on the following problematic:

“If brothels were to be legalised in the UK, how would architects respond with care and acceptance to the design?”

Group Therapy Spaces alongside courtyard -

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Design Process Diagrams -

A vacuum of intimacy and meaning is created in modern society, and this void is not quenched by more instinctive sexual action. In this world of fast-sex, one needs to pause, and step towards slow-sex: a nuanced way of living and expressing one’s sexuality with intent and care. It is time for care over control.


 Architects need to actively introduce sex and intimacy to the architectural debate. If brothels were to be legalised in the UK, it is imperative that designers allow for the healing of intimacy, and the creation of a safe, open and forgiving place. The Intimacy Centre acts as a Pilot scheme in which Bristol is the first city legalising public spaces for sex work: a space that breaks the taboo on tenderness.

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Group Bathing Showers  -

ISO intimacy room models  -

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Context Maquette  -

The Intimacy Centre explores the consequences of transactional sex, in all its shades and degrees (from paid sex to a one night stand). This project aims to navigate society’s current loss of connection and sex addiction. It looks at the commodification of Body, the desacralisation of sex, and how to plays off in this sexual landscape.


This is done through the use of material, where the play between hard vs soft, bold vs soothing, revealing vs veiling is paramount to allow for healing, privacy, safety, acceptance and pride.

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Ground Floor Plan, and WE Section -


Main Entrance View -