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basil spence

Location: Bristol

Type:  Academic Group Project - 2019

Basil Spence is a group project; this year’s brief focusing on innovation of the aerospace world, and merging it with the newest residential complex being built next to the Concorde’s old airport grounds. The typology is a learning / community centre for innovation in new technologies.

All renders / visuals were made by me, as well as most of the 3D modelling.

Shared Workshop facilities -

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Section Cut of Rendered Maquette -

Structural Truss Kit -

Our approach was to redefine innovation, and step away from “Big” by encouraging a slower pace of living. Less consumption and more care. Humans are creative by nature, so it was not about refraining from design and innovation, but rather harnessing our creative spirits to harmonise with our environment mainly through smart material design choices and a larger emphasize on place-making for the community. Design can be both resourceful and reductive  as well as creative and beautiful.

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Approach View 03_WEB.jpg

Summer & Winter Entrance Views -

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Structural model

+ mycelium block growth -


Physical Context Model w/ Design -

The  scheme integrates sustainable organic materials as the basis of its construction process and life. One example is the mycelium blocks grown and used as a key component of the design. Other services include community workshop and lab spaces for budding entrepreneurs, multi-purpose space for activities and debates, as well as exhibition and auditorium spaces for the elites of industry.

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Detail Shots w/ Technical Detailing -